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Charity is important to us at Break the Mould Marketing. Giving back to our community, making sure it grows while we grow. We work under the ethos that Digital Marketing should be available to everyone regardless of size and budget. Giving a charity opportunity to benefit from the expertise of certified digital marketers at no cost, when their budget might not have stretched that far, is something that we take great pride in. Every year we actively search for a charity that’s close to our hearts to provide our services for, at no cost. Making Digital Marketing available and easy to everyone. Read more on our charity work, and nominate your charity using the form below.


Kennedy's Disease UK - For a future without KD

When we started working with Kennedy’s disease, we have to be honest we’d never even heard of the disease, somewhat luckily it has to be said. But they are a charity close to our local area and after we had researched and fully immersed ourselves in the disease. We were excited to start work. Kennedy’s disease needed help igniting their Social Media and driving donations to the charity. With clear goals, we started where we always start, an audit. This identified The type of content that was needed and when it was best to post that content. We then put our research hats on and thoroughly researched the content and produced content that not only worked towards the goals but drove awareness. Posting in related Groups, we grew the pages following by 25% and donations steadily increased. Sharing events like the 2.6 challenge, Rays tractor Rallye and #FactFriday, We really enjoyed our time collaborating with KDUK.

JA animal rescue

Jennifer Anne Animal Rescue is the current charity reciving Digital Marketing Services from Break the Mould Marketing

Jennifer Anne Animal Rescue is an Animal Rescue that’s located near us. Being animal lovers, it was an easy decision to get involved with the project. Jennifer Anne was right at the start of their Digital journey. The brief was simple, start it. We set about first researching what was needed to grow this animal rescue. From our research, we concluded that Jennifer Anne needed a website and a strong Social presence. We then created a website that was customisable to offer rehoming services and update it with new animals, as and when they came in. We then set to work on the Social media side of things. We created a whole strategy based on research, which we then implemented. Growing their Social Media from ground zero. Jennifer Anne is our charity for this year, so we continue to provide Digital Marketing services.   

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