Why start with a Social Media Audit?

A Social Media Audit, many marketers(Ourselves included) start their social strategy with one, but what is it? And what are the benefits?

A Social Media Audit is defined as a series of steps taken to appraise and help optimise a business’s social media strategies and profiles. Performing one can help a business stay on top of their online presence while identifying ways to maintain or improve.

Whether your social media marketing is out-sourced or in house, it can be hard to see where the gaps stand between your current successes and where you need to be. It removes the guesswork that comes from just receiving tips, tricks and ‘hacks’ to your email inbox by showing you real results.

Social Media Audits can help towards Success

Social Media Audits have increased in popularity, and it’s easy to see why, saving precious resources and time that would have been wasted, either trying to improve things that didn’t need to be or neglecting those that did need improving.

In the clockwork that is social media today, there are many moving parts. These can be overwhelming for many people and this where people realise how tough it is making social media work.

the pieces of Social media work like Clockwork

If you are a newbie to social media, where have you been the last 10-15 years? No, jokes aside a social media audit are even more critical. It can be easy to buy into what the providers claim to be optimal. Many people new to social media place trust in the provider’s experience and integrity too quickly, and it doesn’t go well.

That’s where a Social media Audit can help. It will empower you to know which areas need your focus and resources to get the best results. Sound, impartial, target driven advice from an experienced social media guide is invaluable for your business to have onside.

7 Benefits from doing a Social Media Audit.

Generate leads by uncovering opportunities.

A Social Media Audit can produce Leads for your Business

Social media has become pay to play. Facebook ads have become a hot topic of discussion between marketers, with many believing that there is nothing more important for improving engagement and driving leads.

If you are not running Facebook ads a Social Media Audit will provide initial steps to boost content, increase engagement and drive leads to your website.

If you are running Facebook ads, then a Social Media Audit will analyse your current tactics and provide other opportunities to explore.   

Discover where you are losing people from your social sales funnel.

By completing a Social Media Audit you can discover where you are losing people in your sales funnel

One of the best features of social media is that every step of the buyer’s journey within the social media funnel can be met with useful content that engages them.

This takes proper strategy and tactics to engage them.

  • Are you identifying your organic leads on your social channels?
  • Do you have a process in place to engage and follow up on the organic leads?
  • Are your leads clicking on Facebook ads but not completing the lead form?
  • Are you providing a specific page for in-market customers to learn more?

A social media audit will examine exactly where, when and how you are losing people from your social sales funnel.

You can learn ‘best practices’ from someone who lives and breathes social everyday

There is a ton of “information” on the internet about social media marketing, but with so much being available it's hard to know which actually the best practices are, especially considering social media changes every day.

“Information is not necessarily knowledge”

A social media audit determines where gaps lie in your tactics and a trusted auditor will provide you with best practices to update your tactics to help ensure you reach your goals. No filler just good data to grow from.

Find out exactly why your Social Media isn’t converting.

Conversions from Social media are the metrics that show you that you are succeeding in getting people to do what you want them too. It can be very confusing and frustrating when this isn’t happening, whether you expect it to or not. A Social Media Audit will pinpoint the areas for improvement and assist you in finding the path to more conversions: get more engagement, reach more people and turn fans into customers.

You want expert feed back on your content and insights about what could be modified and why

Engagement with your content is the key to converting fans into customers, after all content is King and certainly drives everything on the internet.

A good Solid Strategy is to reach the right customer with the right message at the right time. With a social media audit, you're getting valuable feedback from an expert. Quite often the difference between converting the lead and losing it is the knowledge gain from this expert.

Discover how you compare to your competitors.

Competition helps us strive to do our best, it's always helpful to know why your customers choose you over your competitors.

Assessing how your competitors use social media. Revealing their strengths and more importantly, weaknesses give you a big advantage. A social media audit will show you areas to concentrate on to attract more customers.

Find out what the ‘promised land’ of social media success actually looks like.

The ROI of social media is gained when clear goals are set, and the results are measured and tied back to your goals. Asocial media Audit will provide KPI’s to track and measure your results. You can achieve your goals quicker by setting KPIs orKeyPerformance Indicators which are integral to social media success.

In Summary

A social media Audit is a great place to start for social success, bringing you many benefits while also giving you peace of mind. The social media marketplace can be a confusing place especially if you’re new to it. Getting someone who has been there for a while, showing you the ropes, could prove invaluable to your business. Learn more about our social media audit here.

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