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Getting the most out of your digital activity

What we do

Our digital asset reviews go beyond the ‘enter your URL here’ on some slick landing page’s automated email. Diving deep into your digital portfolio. We provide a thorough evaluation, personalised to your company’s industry, history and goals. Using this evaluation we can then provide insight-led advice on how to turn this into action.

exclusive to Break the Mould Marketing a DAR or Digital Asset Review Audits all of your current Digital Assets

Why do you need it?

A Digital Asset Review is a great place for a company to start when evaluating your digital activity. It will give you the knowledge you need to enhance your online presence, story, credibility, and accessibility. A digital Asset Review will help you generate leads, increase credibility and help you solve issues you didn’t even know were stopping you from success.

Generating leads is just 1 way you can benefit from a DAR or Digital Asset Review from Break the Mould Marketing

How we do it

1. Discovery and goal setting.

It's important to us that you get everything you want out of this investment. So we start as we mean to go on and set the goals you want to get from the document. This could be business side, i.e. get 500 more leads or digital, i.e. grow website traffic by 200%.

2. Quantitive Analysis of your digital portfolio

This is where the real work starts. It will form the core of your DAR. We take a holistic deep dive into your existing digital strategy. Through the lens of metrics, we discover what’s been working and what might not have been working. Areas we evaluate include,
Google Analytics data
Historic SEO rank tracking data
Social media metrics
PPC ads reports and data.

3. Qualitative Analysis of your digital portfolio

This is where our experts take a critical look at your digital landscape. Using our expert knowledge of best practices we audit the following areas:
Website design
User experience (UX) 
Calls to Action on your website
Lead generation form usability and accessibility 
Social Media content
Business messaging across channels
Email design and messaging effectiveness

4. Website crawl

Providing important information on the performance of your website in areas such as backlink health, duplicate content, missing title tags and poor site performance, with context, explanation and prioritisation.

5. Competitive Analysis

Identifying your competitors on each channel. We then take a Qualitative evaluation of them. Giving vital insights into how your audience expect to be served, identifying digital competitive advantages and opportunities

At Break the Mould Marketing we pull together all of your digital assets in our DAR or Digital Asset Review

the outcome

Giving you a deeper understanding of your digital activity and how you can improve upon this. This document goes further than just providing recommendations, it gives you the framework for using digital to grow your business. Based on data collected, insights, and expert knowledge of best practices, it gives you a holistic approach to your digital strategy. which you can then use to gain digital success for your business.

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Are you interested to find out how we can help your company grow using our Digital Asset Reviews? All you have to do is get in touch and we can start from there. Whether you have no idea where to start or already have an established digital presence, we can help you grow. Give us a call or get in touch below.

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