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What we do

Social media often forms a core pillar in any marketing strategy. We use your business’ metrics to assess growth, opportunities and what can be done to improve your social presence. By creating a clear picture of your current social activity, we can show you the best way to improve your results.

Social Media Audits from Break the Mould Marketing are a great way to uncover gaps in your social media

Why do you need it?

Improving your social media can often feel overwhelming. Often we’re too busy chasing engagement and conversions, we seldom have the chance to take stock of what’s worked, and what’s missed the mark altogether. But to improve, it's imperative to evolve tactics based on past experiences. Our audits are serviceable to everyone, no matter what stage you’re at with your social media marketing, making sure your social channels are kept updated and cohesive or serving as much needed opportunities for reflection and growth.

Our Social Media Audits are designed to help you get the best from your Social Media Strategy

How we do it

1. Discovery and goal setting.

Not only do we want to know what your goals for the document are, but we also want to know what your goals for social media are. You want to understand if what you’re doing on Facebook is working or why engagement has dropped on Instagram. But it could also be to explore LinkedIn as a future opportunity. It doesn’t matter, we want you to get the value you need out of this investment.

2. Locating all of your social profiles

Searching online to locate where your business is represented and mentioned, for example, there might be an old profile created before your business had a social strategy. Maybe these were abandoned at some point. We identify all of these and if there’s any that are unaccounted for. These could have been set up by an imposter. We can then clean these up.

3. Make sure each account is complete and on-brand

Once we have identified all of your social accounts we look into each account individually, checking several elements against your brands’ style guide. Ensuring you are using up to date images, hashtags, keywords, and brand voice. Some of the areas we check are
Profile/bio text. Make sure you’ve made the most out of the limited space you have, and check that you have everything filled out completely and accurately. And with current brand messaging.
Pinned posts. Making sure your pinned posts are still appropriate and up-to-date. 
Handle. It's a good idea to use the same handle across your social media, checking to see if you are or can enables consistency across social channels.
Links. Making sure you link to your homepage, an appropriate landing page or blog post, or a current campaign, building a record of what’s linked to and from where.
Verification. We check to see if your account is verified with the tick badge and if it isn’t should it be?

4. Identify your best posts

Based on your goals for social media, we use the relevant metric to identify your best three posts for each account. Analysing the posts can reveal patterns, helping us understand what kind of posts are performing best for your business.

5. Evaluate channel performance

Referring to what your business wants from social media we evaluate the performance of each channel, rather than looking at the individual posts. The metrics we track here are dependent on your goals.

6. Understand the audience for each network

As we evaluate how each social media account helps support your brand, we gain more understanding of who you can reach through each channel.

7. Formulate which channels are right for you

Once we understand the audience for each channel we can strategise over where to focus your social media efforts. Considering your goals for each channel, we measure how each one is performing. If a channel isn’t necessarily connecting with your goals then it would be worth pulling back on them and focusing on the ones that are. Additionally to your existing channels, we look into the audience demographics of other channels to identify if you might be missing an audience on another channel.

8. Competitor research

We identify 3-5 competitors to analyse their accounts and content. Looking into anything that stands out or any anomalies as these can present opportunities for you.

9. Create your audit

In the final step, we bring all our findings together into an extensive document that not only highlights your current successes but delivers opportunities for growth backed up with real data.

its at Break the Mould Marketing are thoroughly researched

the outcome

Creating a clear picture of your current social efforts. Fully researched by our social media experts, this document provides you with the best way to improve your results. Highlighting your best performing content, where your ideal audience is and even competitors' content. You will have a greater understanding of your social media world and how to utilise it.

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