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Seamless user journeys that lead to conversions

What we do

Increasing customer engagement, satisfaction, and ultimately conversions, by identifying potential usability issues based on established heuristics and/or prior user research. Enabling you to create an easier and more seamless user journey.

UX or User Experience Audits from Break the Mould Marketing are designed to help you increase customer engagement

Why do you need it?

Uncovering parts of existing user journeys that are and are not working, where users might be getting stuck or dropping off and finding out why will help you understand your users and their needs. Our UX audits provide actionable follow-up insights based on empirical evidence, not hunches. Holistically researched and produced we use hard data to show you what your user needs.

Break the Mould Marketing's UX or User experience Audits uncover parts of your existing user journeys that might be where users are getting stuck

How we do it

Starting from a birds-eye perspective our UX audits consist of seven main steps: Collaborative goal setting, metrics and data gathering, validation of results, organisation of data, review of trends and tendencies, reporting of findings and the creation of evidence-supported recommendations. 

1. Discovery and goal setting.

An essential part of any audit. Working with you we set out the goals for the document. This way we can make sure you get the value you need from it. Goals can include, but are not limited to, ROI, Conversion, a certain section of the website/user journey, etc

2. Metrics and data gathering

In this step, we gather all the relevant data based upon the information we need to achieve the goals set out in the first step.  We create a heuristic website evaluation. Cognitively walking through your website to see things from your customers perspective. Trying to achieve user goals, we identify potential obstacles. The heuristic evaluation only provides us will qualitative data, so we then analyse the analytics of your website to provide us with the quantitive data need. Using tools we can elucidate user flows, conversion (and abandonment) hotspots, and what users are doing before and after they visit your site.

3. Organisation of data

This is where spreadsheets come into play. We create spreadsheets for every kind of data needed. But it doesn’t stop there these need to be aggregated so that ideas can be recorded alongside the relevant metrics. We can then measure these metrics against some 250 best practices for usability.

4. Review of trends and tendencies

Providing insights from the data, turning metrics into meaningful change. Using methods such as data mining, card sorting and a lot of post-it notes. We turn all those metrics and data into actionable, meaningful insights.

5. Reporting of findings

Comparing the insights we garnered against the four pillars of successful websites; Relevance, Value proposition, Usability, and Action, we develop hypotheses about the websites user experience status. Identifying why users act the way they do.

6. Creation of evidence-supported recommendations

Finally, data-driven recommendations for UX improvements are written. Without the jargon, our recommendations are specific to the goals for the document and supported by data. Supplemented by examples our recommendations provide a more positive, effective tactic, rather than merely criticising where the website has failed on user experience.

A lot of research goes into a Break the Mould Marketing UX or User Experience Audit

the outcome

A holistic audit that identifies why your website hasn’t been meeting business goals the way it should do. Helping you better understand your users and implement recommendations that will more successfully meet user and business goals. We shed light on the reasons your existing website is and isn’t working for your users.

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