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A successful paid search campaign is built on delivering a positive return on ad spend and attributing the right channel to the goal. Within the paid search remit, the different types of advertising can range from Google search ads and Microsoft advertising (Bing) to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads (Social).

-Per-Click services from Break the Mould Marketing

Why do you need it?

PPC is a cost-effective way of sending targeted traffic to your website. Our PPC marketing services are designed to help you reach your audience, develop brand awareness, convert buyers and ultimately drive profit. We accomplish all of that while delivering a positive return on ad spend.

-Per-Click services from Break the Mould Marketing are tailored to bring you the best results on your ad spend

How we do it

1. 1. Discovery and goal setting.

We start all our services, working with you to set your goals so that you get everything you want out of our time together. This is important to also understand what you want for your PPC campaign. Campaign goals could include, to make more sales, increase enquiries, drive traffic or get more email subscribers.

2. Decide where to advertise

Once we have a firm understanding of your goals we can then research where would be best to advertise that. This could be Google or Bing search advertising, Google display advertising or one of the social networks.

3. Audience research

Working with you to intimately understand the audience types, demographics, behaviour markers, and interests to enable smart campaign targeting. We build up personas for your target audience based on data, not assumptions.

4. Keyword research

Selecting keywords that will not only support your goals but also increase ad relevancy and quality score. We fully research every keyword your audience might be using and select the best ones for your goals.

5. Setting up the campaign

Once we’ve selected the keywords we split them into relevant ad groups with professionally created ads and set up the campaign. Using your goals to drive decisions about bidding strategy. We can make recommendations for the daily budget, however, the final decision will be yours.

6. Landing page creation

A landing page is crucial to a PPCs campaigns success, our experts can either advise you on your landing page or we can create it for you, using best practices and expert knowledge of what will aid conversions.

7. Constant management and improvements

PPC isn’t just a setup and leave method of advertising. For continued success, you need to manage your campaign and undertake daily maintenance if necessary. This way you can keep your ad spend down but your return high. Our experts manage your campaigns daily to make sure you’re bidding on the right keywords, at the right times or even the right amount. We can then make changes on the fly to optimise your campaign so it keeps providing you with the results you need.

-Per-Click services from Break the Mould Marketing are thoroughly researched to provide the best Return On Investment

the outcome

Our PPC campaigns are designed to help to deliver responsive, speed and tactical results for your business across both Google and Social paid channels. This takes a well-crafted strategy, impactful creative and smart targeting.

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