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What we do

The process of optimising a website in order to increase its digital discovery is a non-negotiable part of any digital marketing strategy. By using Google best practices, we offer full Organic, technical on and offsite SEO to ensure your business’ website is set up for optimum digital discovery. This includes Keyword research, backlink audits, overviews of channels such as Youtube and Google my Business, and content audits and opportunities.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation services from Break the Mould Marketing

Why do you need it?

Your website, no matter how beautiful, is largely useless if people can’t find and engage with it! Digital discovery can help increase inbound leads, improve brand awareness and help drive overall business objectives.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation services from Break the Mould Marketing are designed to keep your website ahead of Googles Algorithm changes

How we do it

In today's digital world to rank highly on the search pages you have to play by google's rules. As long as you do that well then you're on the right path to success. We help your website maintain its digital discovery by performing

1. Technical Audits

Googles’ algorithm looks at over 500 different ranking signals in order to rank those pages. some of those include:
HTTPS security(SSL)
Links - both external and internal
On page code - ie schema
Behaviour of users - i.e. time on site, engagement, etc

Having these optimised, can catapult a business up the rankings for specific keywords or search phrases. For example, implementing event schema on an event listings site can increase impressions astronomically - if done correctly.

Significant opportunities await those who take a proactive approach to implement a holistic SEO strategy. People searching for products on Google are already forward in the buying cycle.  Meaning that search traffic is extremely valuable. You can significantly improve your website's organic traffic by implementing a well-built SEO programme.

2. Keyword research

Our keyword research process starts with understanding what your customer would search for and which phrases are best suited to your product or service, and continue to look at keywords to provide insight into content production. The keyword research can help to guide many things such as content, internal linking structure and more.

3. Technical SEO

By optimising and checking things like 

Website speed
Schema markup
XML sitemap
Page redirects and 404s

We can help make sure search engines can find, access, crawl, interpret and index your website. In order to have a good index and crawl rate, your website needs to be technically sound. This in turn helps build out the website index status which is recorded and reported on in Google Search console, which we can set up for you as well.

4. Site health checks

Google constantly updates its algorithms, which is why websites need constant monitoring to make sure the index rate remains constant. We can monitor your website for such things as algorithm compliance, harmful backlinks and anything else that may harm your ranking and flag it and correct it.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation services from Break the Mould Marketing are produced Bespoke to provide the best results

the outcome

SEO services that are designed to produce positive results while keeping your website compliant with Google's Best practices. 
Whether you're looking to increase your digital discovery, increase conversions or drive more leads or enquiries, all of our SEO services are focused on delivering sustainable, relevant and compliant results.  
 From monthly health checks, SEO content, keyword research, to technical on-site SEO, our search engine optimisation services deliver results that will become marketing assets for your company.

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