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What we do

We create digital strategies that make sure your business connects, and stays connected with your target audience in this digital world. We have a deep understanding of how to activate the relevant channels to achieve business objectives. We achieve this by collaborating with you to understand your business requirements before we build out a strategy and activation framework on foundations of data and detail.

Digital Marketing Strategies are the blueprint for success

Why do you need it?

From increased brand awareness, data capture, to lead generation. We will work with you to develop and set campaign KPIs and map out comprehensive frameworks that will enable you to achieve your business objectives.
A solid strategy forms the basis of any digital activity.

Digital Marketing Strategies from Break the Mould Marketing are the starting point for Digital Success

How we do it

1. Discovery and goal setting.

As part of our discovery process, we review both direct and indirect competitors to gain inspiration for your digital strategy. We use a getting to know you session to fully immerse ourselves in your business. We can then use this understanding to better produce a digital strategy for growth.
Depending on the strategic goals, we will also conduct technical audits of any of your owned channels to spot any potential missed opportunities and look at where certain digital channels could be elevated or enhanced.

2. Audience and channel identification

We thoroughly research our ideal audiences, set out any similar/likely audience groups and then determine which channels are likely to fit your audiences best. By carefully reviewing data sets, addressing the potential need for data hygiene, segmentation or acquisition. We match these data groups to find potential channels for amplification.

3. Content types and formats

We map out content, campaign-based creative and assets aligned with the business goals, and give the best chance of success. For the digital marketing campaign to roll out seamlessly.  
Fundamentally we look to leverage digital content, PPC, SEO, and social channels to achieve growth within your audience and potential audiences, so that we will deliver the bottom-line results you need from digital assets and marketing spend.
Maybe one of your competitors is dominant on Instagram but has put little effort into Twitter, for example. It might be an idea to concentrate on Twitter where your audience is underserved rather than trying to pull fans away from a dominant competitor. 
Using tools such as social listening we can identify these opportunities and build your strategy based upon them.

At Break the Mould Marketing we produce Digital Marketing Strategies for Digital Success

the outcome

A comprehensive objective-driven strategy. With benchmarks, KPIs and measurability at its core. Omni-channel campaigns aimed at high ROI, our strategies are informed by data and focused on sustainable growth.

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Are you interested to find out how we can help your company grow using our Digital Marketing Strategies? All you have to do is get in touch and we can start from there. Whether you have no idea where to start or already have an established digital presence, we can help you grow. Give us a call or get in touch below.

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